Track Focused Element – “In-App XAML Inspection Toolbar” – Visual Studio 2015

By | June 10, 2016

Visual Studio 2015 introduced many tools for debugging and diagnostic. We have seen excellent feature for inspecting and debugging XAML UI, which enables great capability for developers to Visualize and modify the XAML UI within a running application and review the dynamic changes.  We have also seen the In-App XAML Inspection Toolbar , that allow access to the Live Visual Tree and Live Property Explorer directly from the App.

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In the recent updates of Visual studio also introduced “Track focused elements” that  track the changes in your app, and select the element in the Live Visual Tree automatically.


It has three following options

  • Go To Live Visual Tree.
  • Enable Selection
  • Display Layout Adorners
  • Track Focused Element
  • When the “’Track focused element” is selected,  whenever you change the selection in control inside the App, the Live Visual Tree reflects that.


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