There is a propfull code snippet for property and backing field

Code snippets have been around for a long time and is one of the easiest ways for the developer productivity.  We do use many of them frequently as they are very commonly in used, however there are a few which are really useful but many of us does not know about them.

For an instance,  a very useful time saver  code snippet is  “prop”  which is use for “Automatically implemented property” . In this case, if we type prop and then press TAB key twice, an automatic property will be added with default type of int . ( Refer the image below)


What if, if you want a property with declarative backing field ( Generally we defined them using a private variable and public exposed property  with same type)?  In this case rather typing the complete stuff, you can use propfull which gives you a private backing variable and then a public GET and SET with the link of just declared private variable.  


  You can change the type and variables name by just moving around the code block  using Tab Key press.


This will save a good amount of time compared to manual process. 

Abhijit Jana

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