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How to turning off the Kinect IR light forcefully ?

By | August 8, 2013

You can turn off the IR Emitter using KinectSensor.ForceInfraredEmitterOff property. By default, this property is set to false. To turn the IR light off, set the property to true. ForceInfraredEmitterOff  will only work with Kinect for Windows Sensor. Not Kinect for Xbox Sensor.

How to check if any Kinect device is connected with system ?

By | August 7, 2013

If you are dealing with Kinect based application, It is always good practice to first check if there is any Kinect sensor connected with the PC before doing any operation with KinectSensor objects. The KinectSensors holds the reference of all connected sensors and as this is a collection, it has a Count property.  You can use the KinectSensors.Count… Read More »

How to stop debugger after a specific number of breakpoint hit ?

By | August 6, 2013

You can stop the debugger at breakpoint after a specific number of breakpoint hit. Hit Count is used to keep track on how many times the debugger has paused at some particular breakpoint. This is extremely useful when you want to stop the debugger after a certain number within a iterative process; and of course where you have… Read More »

Search within Options Dialog Control – Visual Studio 2013

By | July 18, 2013

Searching items within Options dialog control is no more difficult and confusing. You can now search different options with in Visual Studio Options dialog window.  In Visual Studio 2013, you will find a search text control which will allow you to search different options easily.

Configuring Code Information Indicators in Visual Studio 2013

By | July 17, 2013

In the previous two tips ( Check the Unit Test Status Easily and Effectively – Test Status Indicator in Visual Studio 2013 Preview and  Find the References Easily – Code Reference Indicator in Visual Studio 2013 Preview),   we have seen how code information indicator helps us to take a quick glance in the code reference or unit tests.… Read More »

View Code Definition with in Same Code Window – Peek Definition in Visual Studio 2013 Preview

By | July 14, 2013

Visual Studio 2013 Preview IDE helps us to view the code definition with in the same code window without navigating to other files.  This feature is known as “Peek Definition”.  “Peek Definition” improves the overall developer productivity and getting things in a smart manner.  The fundamental of this features is very similar to how the traditional "Go To… Read More »

Configuring Pinging in IIS 7.0 / 7.5 to avoid terminating processes while debugging from Visual Studio

By | January 26, 2012

IIS monitors the worker processes health by sending a periodic request the worker processes. This pinging is to ensure that if the worker processes responding the incoming requests in timely manner. If the worker process does not respond in a timely manner, IIS terminates the process after a specific number of ping.  Now, consider you are debugging your… Read More »

How to detach a particular process instead “Detach All” in Visual Studio ?

By | January 21, 2012

Visual Studio processes windows  shows the list of attached process and  it also helps to detach a particular process from the list of attached process.  Let’s assume you have 4 process attached with visual studio for current application. If you use “Detach All”,  Visual Studio will detach all the process apart from the process which can cause the… Read More »