Real Time Telemetry for your BoT using Application Insights

Real Time Telemetry for your BoT using Application Insights

Application Insights helps us to track applications health in real time. You can track your application availability, performance issues, user’s session and diagnose crashes faster than ever. It’s provides a real time dashboard for your app to monitor your application. It is fast, very easy to configure and provide very powerful insights for your application. We can capture the real time telemetry using Application Insights for our BoT as well. There are several ways to do that integration…

Integrate Application Insights While Creating your Bot in Visual Studio

You can integrate the Application Insights during the development, as the process is exactly same as what we have seen for other project types.

If you are following the Building Your First Bot using Microsoft Bot Framework article, just have the Application Insight Integrate from the solution explorer and follow the steps to integrate the Application Insights.


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Using Application Insights for existing BoTs

If you have Application Insight already created and you want to integrate it with your existing Bot already deployed, you can update the Instrumentation key but Editing the Bot Profile.

Follow the Steps to get the Instrumentation Key: Application Insights Settings à Properties à Instrumentation Key


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Open your existing Bot from My Bots section, and then Click on Edit. Scroll to the End. You will find the Instrumentation Key text box. Update the key and Save!


That’s it

Once your Bot is connected with different channel and you should start receiving the telemetry data in your application insight portal.

Application Insight Data


Live Stream Data


Hope this helps !


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