Persisting the “Find All references” results in Visual Studio 2017

Persisting the “Find All references” results in Visual Studio 2017

If you are using Visual Studio 2017, by now you must have noticed, the Find All Reference window comes with brand new flavor. Starting from Syntax colorization, grouping of the results based on several categorizations and along with code snippet preview. You can even set the context of references such as entire solution or current project.

Find All References - Visual Studio 2017
Find All References – Visual Studio 2017

With all that, one of the very useful and interesting feature that you may have overlooked is “persisting the current findings” by locking the results.   The “Keep Results” buttons in the reference toolbar can holds the current findings and subsequent reference search results would appear in a new tab.

Keep Results - Find References
Keep Results – Find References


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With this you can keep the current results in the existing Find Reference windows, and any new references would launch a new window.

Keep Results New Window
“Keep Results” – Multiple Find References Window


You can easily navigate between these information without losing the context of previous results.

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