Organizing the Bookmarks using folder structure in Visual Studio

Organizing the Bookmarks using folder structure in Visual Studio

Couple of days back I shared a post on Speedup your code navigation by Bookmarking your code in Visual Studio . Where we discussed about how we can leverage the Bookmark feature of Visual Studio and perform the code navigation much more faster than what you can do without bookmark.   This post is the extension of the previous post and we will learn how we can organize the bookmarks for a larger solutions.

Bookmarks Window support creating a folder structure for keep your bookmarks categorized and navigate within / outside the folders.

Consider you have a series of Bookmarks, and when the lists is too big it may cause lot of confusion to find any specific type of Bookmark.image

In that case, you can create logical folders and categorize them into different group as per your need.

To do that, Click on the “Folder” icon on the toolbar to create folder and rename them as you want.


Once you have the folders created, you can just drag and drop bookmarks into a specific folder and you can navigate back and forth with in the bookmark folder as well. image

This would be helpful when you have extensive list of bookmarks and you want to focus on few specific items for time beginning. So rather than jumping around all bookmark, you can have a limited numbers to navigate.

Hope this helps!

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