Not able to view the IntelliTrace Navigation Bar in Visual Studio 2010 –Solution

IntelliTrace Navigation Bar or Navigation Gutter is used for code navigation while debugging using IntelliTrace. To know more about IntelliTrace you can find out my list of articles . In this post I am going to share a small tips this you might came across while using IntelliTrace Debugging.

While debugging with IntelliTrace, Navigator window comes automatically to the left side margin. But you may found though you are able to navigating code via IntelliTrace Windows, but Navigation gutter is not available, as Shown in below image.


Well, It could be the reason that you missed the selection of “Display the navigation gutter while in debug mode” . You must need to check this to “Navigation Gutter” to appear. Navigate to below window by Tools > Options > IntelliTrace > Advanced


Once done, click on OK, your Visual Studio Editor will automatically show the IntelliTrace Navigator Bar.


Well, this seems to be very simple tips and yes it is, but I came across this problem from some different context and this was the simple settings to turn on. I could not think that will Unchecked the setting from IntelliTrace  Options . But what was the problem ? yes, I will do a blog post on that later.

Abhijit Jana

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