Navigate Code Using Code Definition Window in Visual Studio

By | September 19, 2011

Code Definition Window is very useful features in  Visual Studio. Most of the developers overlook it very easily. But this is extremely helpful and fast your code navigation. This is a Read only code editor which help to view your code block.

First Launch the Code Navigation Window From View > Code Definition Window ( Ctrl + W , D)


By default the window will show “No Definition Selected” , as there is no definition is been selected to view.


Now, While editing or navigate your code, the Code Definition Window will display the definition of the objects which is selected.  As show in below image, when  “BlobStream” from code window is selected,  Code definition window displaying the definition of “BlobSteam” . Generally we need to do the “Go To Definition” for the same, but now you can view in a single shot.


This is also true if you select any methods or properties from code block.

The “Code Definition window” will also work fine for “Object Browser” and also from “Class View” . Navigate through the classes or methods , code definition window will show the related definition.


Yes, this is really a nice features.

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