Inspecting Tier Interaction Profiling (TIP) results in Visual Studio 2010 Profiler

Tier Interaction Profiling (TIP) is the  Multi-Tier Performance Analysis feature in Visual Studio 2010. In one of my previous tip I have discussed about How to enable Tier Interaction Profiling ( TIP ) in Visual Studio 2010 Profiler ?  . In this tip I am going to discuss  how we can inspect the TIP Results.

To inspect the TIP result, you have to select the “Tier Interactions” option from Profiler View Menu.


On selection of “Tier Interactions” it will display ton of very useful information on this page which includes Each ASP.NET pages were requested, how many times and how long did it take to execute each page ,which SQL Server stored procedures were called


TIP also shows the number of times a pages was requested along with their processing time.  This is really helpful when there are multiple query running and you want to inspect each and every query with respect to processing time.

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