Initialize Auto-Property and Getter Only Auto-Property in C# 6.0

Initialize Auto-Property and Getter Only Auto-Property in C# 6.0

So far we have seen, Property can be initialized only in the constructor, and if it has any backing field defined, that can be initialized where it is declared.   C# 6.0  introduced a new features called “Auto-Property initializer” that allows property to be initialized like fields in the same line where it has been declared.

The following code snippet shows how Auto-Property Initializer works;

public bool MyProperty { get; set; } = false;

With these, MyProperty set to a default value false, without any further initialization.  These makes our code more clean, easily understandable and avoid further deceleration.

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C# 6.0 also allows us to create getter only Auto-Property as shown below.

public bool MyProperty { get; }

These is a read-only property, and until now we had to use  a private set.  in C# 6.0, without a private set, you can declare a property and initialize the same with Automatic property initializer.

public bool MyProperty { get; } =false;
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