How to open Browser compatibility mode in IE 11 ?

By | March 25, 2014


I have received this question from my previous post ( Identifying the SignalR Transport Medium) , where I have explained how we can check out the different transport medium in different browser versions.  In the example I used Internet Explorer 11, and used the browser compatibility mode to show the same for lower version of browser such as IE 10, 11 9, IE 8 etc.

Here is how you can open the Browser Compatibility Mode in internet explorer 11.

From the menu item, Tools > Developer Tools, or press F12 on your keyboard to turn on the “Developer Toolbar

Developer Toolbar in IE 11

In the bottom of your web browser the developer toolbar will appear

Scroll down to the Emulation mode ( Last option )

Emulation Mode in IE 11

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Select the “Emulation Mode” , this will brings the document mode, browser profile and user agent options.Emulation Mode in IE 11 Details

From this section you can change the document mode, to test your website in multiple browser.

Emulation Mode in IE 11 Document Mode Selection