How to Debug XAML Data Bindings in Silverlight 5 Beta ?

Recently launched Silverlight 5 beta having nice features of XAML binding debugging. To Start with this, as a  prerequisites makes sure  you have  latest version Silverlight Toolkit SDK with  Visual Studio 2010 SP1 installed. Once you are done with the setup, first create a simple Silverlight 5 Application with which has some XAL Data Binding.

Now you can set the breakpoint for the data binding in XAML Code. Run the Application When a breakpoint is hit, you can use the Locals window to explore the state of binding .



To know more about details how the data binding debugging works and what needs to do for your MVVM based application , One way and Two Way Debugging Please Read a nice article By Kunal chowdhury

Debugging Data Bindings in XAML with Silverlight 5 Beta

There are some additional enhancement introduced with Silverlight Data Binding. you can get complete info from

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