Go To Resource Definition – XAML Code Editor – Visual Studio 2013

By | February 10, 2014

In the previous post I have discussed about the new Go To Definition feature with Visual Studio 2013 XAML Editor. You have seen how the Go To Definition works with objects, properties, XAML controls as well as custom controls. Another very interesting and useful fact is, the Go To Definition feature is also works with Resource files.  When you select Go To Definition from a resource reference, the navigation will take you to the definition of the resource within the defined file.

This works for all types resources. For an example, If you select Go to Definition on ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush resource; Visual Studio will take you to the actual definition.


Application Theme Resource Definition

Although this feature is not new with Visual Studio; but its gives a new flavor to the XAML editor by providing its multipurpose use.

Hope you like this feature and will be using it going forward.