Filtering error list by Projects to focus on a specific problem in Visual Studio 2015

By | February 26, 2016

Incase there are several errors in your Visual Studio Solution and you have multiple projects, sometime it is quite difficult to figure out for which project actually it is causing. Most of the time as a developer either we sort by the project column to focus on a specific project or start building one my one project.  In Visual Studio 2015, this become much more easier.  The Error list window now support filter along with sorting.

When there are lists of errors, you can filter to see only the errors from a specific project which you are looking for.  Consider you have following sets of error in your application.


To filter out for a specific project, you can just mouse hover onto the header of “Project” column and a “Filter” Icon will appear next to it.


Click on to that Icon, which will display the list of project from where you have the build errors.


Check / Uncheck your required project to filter out the list. ( Here we have applied filter on the .iOS Project)



The Filter dialog which has list of project also shows the counts of error as well.


Hope this help !

Author: Abhijit Jana

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