Fav 3 : Three Favorite .NET Tips and Tricks from Daily .NET Tips – Series 6

By | September 29, 2013

Here is the sixth post of the Fav 3 series that we are continuing.  Today’s favorite tips are based on Managed Extensibility Framework or MEF.

#1 Working with Catalogs in MEF

TypeCatalog, AssemblyCatalog, DirectoryCatalog & AggreagateCatalog are the four types of Catalogs yet supported by MEF. This tips talks about how to use different types of catalogs while dealing with Managed Extensible Framework.   [ Read Complete Post Here ]


#2 Getting Lazy with MEF

Lazy is a class that defer the object creation when it is actually needed. MEF supports the Lazy implementation internally. The Lazy type actually wraps around a type and creates the object of the type when the object is actually needed and used. I have written a post on Lazy implementation in .NET few months  [ Read Complete Post Here ]


#3 Working with Metadata in Contracts with MEF

MEF contracts supports customization through Metadata that can be associated with the Contracts. This tip shows you how easily you can make use of MEF metadata constructs to define contracts into the MEF system.   [ Read Complete Post Here ]

This is not all about MEF, you can read more about MEF from the additional references : 

Managed Extensibility Framework – A Look

Steps to write a plugin based application with MEF

Additional Tips on MEF

I hope this would come handy on learning MEF.

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