Fav 3 : Three Favorite .NET Tips and Tricks from Daily .NET Tips – Series 3

Here is the third post of the Fav 3 Series that we are continuing. You can check out the first post (Fav 3 : Three Favorite Tips from Daily .NET Tips – Series 1) and second post (Fav 3 : Three Favorite .NET Tips and Tricks from Daily .NET Tips – Series 2) . Today’s favorite tips and tricks are on HTML5 , and we picked up from our author Abhishek Sur

#1 : Detect online status of a webpage using HTML5

Html 5 being the fore runner in the Web  technology today has offered a lot of benefit and enhancements that will make life of a developer easier than even before. One of such enhancement belongs to the support of offline data storage inside browser cache.  The offline data storage enhances the UI Experience of the end user by providing rich api to read local storage.  [ Read Complete Post ]

#2 How to get quota of local Storage in HTML5

It is sometimes important to detect the actual quota of storage that the current client browser supports before actually storing data into it. To prevent  the exception QUOTA_EXCEEDED_ERR to happen in the browser, as a developer you will always need to query what are the memory that can be stored without exceeding the quota given by the client to the application .. [Read Complete Post]

#3 Getting Geolocation from browser using HTML5

As we are getting inclined more and more towards devices, browsers are trying to do their best to actually implement features to suit the needs. HTML5 introduces GeoLocation APIs to the browser which enables you to get the location of your position directly using javascript. .. [Read Complete Post ]

Abhijit Jana

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