Fav 3 : Three Favorite .NET Tips and Tricks from Daily .NET Tips – Series 2

#1 : How to pass multiple values using GridView HyperLinkField ?

While working with GridView in ASP.NET, most of the time we used HyperlinkField column to navigate from one page to different page with some value as argument. This tip explained how can we pass multiple parameter with HyperLinkField in GridView.

GridView Multiple Values

#2 :  Displaying Custom Messages / Images with NULL Value in ASP.NET GridView

When we  bind some data source with GridView which contains some fields with NULL value,  ASP.NET renders them as Blank. This tips talks about how to put custom message or icon rather a blank text.

GridView With NullRecord GridView With NullRecord CustomIcon GridView With NullRecord CustomMessage

#3 ASP.NET Validation Control with Images Notification

Most of the time we used simple text messages for error notifications when ASP.NET validator  control fails the validation. But the interesting things with ASP.NET validation controls is instead of simple text we can display images as error notification. Not only images we can embed sounds or we can display some html format text as well.

To achieve instead of  setting ErrorMessage property of an Validation control, you need to set Text Property with proper HTML content.

Validation Icon for Error

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