Did you know–There are multiple find results windows in Visual Studio ?

Did you know–There are multiple find results windows in Visual Studio ?

Find and Replace is one of the most frequently used feature in Visual Studio.  However, often we missed out some of the hidden tips and tricks that can surely enhance your productivity of work or the way you are using it.  One of the hidden fact we discussed In the previous post  where we talked about Changing the Search Scope to find and replaces external files easily in Visual Studio . In this post I am going talk about another interesting topic – that we have two different search result windows to use inside Visual Studio.

This is really very useful when you want to search multiple items in Visual Studio and want one of your previous search result remain unchanged.  In that can use can switch your search result to other window.

Yes, we do have two different find results window in Visual Studio

  • Find Results 1
  • Find Results 2

By default the search result display inside Find Result 1 Windows.


How ever you can change and select where to display the search result while searching.   In the find result dialog windows, you will have an option called “Result Options”.  There you an select either Windows 1 or Windows 2.


Pro Tip : When the Find and Replace Window is active you can change the selection of Windows 1 and Window 2, just pressing Alt + 1 or Alt + 2.


Hope this helps !

Abhijit Jana

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