Did you know – You can play sound when Build Succeeded or Failed in Visual Studio ?

By | January 11, 2016

This is very interesting tip and could be very handy when you are running a long solution build process inside Visual Studio and waiting for it to complete. While you are focusing on something else during the build process, you don’t know when it is succeeded or failed.  So, having a quick buzz when the build Succeeded or failed may get back your focus inside Visual Studio.  well, You can configure this by just following few simple step.

Navigate to Sound in Control Panel


and from the Sound window move the the “Sounds” tab.  Scroll down to the Program Events and search for  “Microsoft Visual Studio” as highlighted in below screenshot


There you will have  following events for which you can apply sounds.

  • Breakpoint Hit
  • Build Cancelled
  • Build Failed
  • Build Succeeded

By default there is no sound set for theses event. You can select the sound from the “Sounds” dropdown for the specific event.  Finally select “Apply


That’s it.

This could be also useful for your breakpoint hits as well. Many time when we are working on multiple monitors, and having Visual Studio running one system and application running on other screen sometime we missed when the breakpoints hits. .. and keep thinking why it is taking time… Having a sound would turn back us to the IDE.

I was not aware of this feature until couple of days back I found this Visual Studio options inside the Sounds tab while searching some sound configuration related to Kinect for Windows Device !! interesting !!!

Hope this helps !

Author: Abhijit Jana

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