Connecting Azure Storage Using Add Connected Services in Visual Studio 2015

By | May 5, 2015

Visual Studio 2015 helps you quickly build connected cloud application using “Add Connected Services” feature. We all are familiar with adding Project Reference, adding Services References from the Solution Explorer for any specific project.  Add Connected Services is something new that you will experienced in Visual Studio 2015.

Open an instance of Visual Studio 2015, Create a new ASP.NET 5 project and  right-click on the References in Solution Explorer and select Add Connected Service  as shown in below image.


Add Connected Service Dialog

This will bring a list of available connected services in “Add Connected Service” dialog window.



Select, “Azure Storage” option, and Choose Configure. The will automatically retrieve all the storage account configured for the connected Azure Account.


Select the “Azure Storage Name” and Click on “Add” . That’s all !

Visual Studio will add all necessary packages and configuration to your solution so that you can just jump into the development.


You can take a look into the added reference for using Azure Storage as well as the Web.Config for Azure Storage Configuration.


Adding New Storage Account :

If you don’t have any storage account created but having a Azure account active, you can leverage this Add Connected Service Dialog to create a new Storage by clicking on the “Create a New Storage Account” option.


Accessing Storage Accounts From Server Explorer

Once you have storage account added, you can view / explore them in Server explorer as well.


Apart from Azure Storage, Connected Service dialog window also support other connection such as Azure Mobile Services, etc. You may explore all of them as well.

Hope this will help !

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