Connecting AWS with Azure DevOps

Connecting AWS with Azure DevOps

Connecting AWS with Azure DevOps can be enabled using Azure DevOps Service Connection. We use Service Connections to connect with any external and remote services with Azure DevOps or related resources. For instance, to connect with Azure Subscription or connecting with different CI/CD Services you need a service connection. Similarly,  To leverage AWS resources from Azure DevOps; we need to establish a Service Connection.

Connecting AWS with Azure DevOps

Creating service connecting between AWS and Azure DevOps is a two steps activity. First, get the Access Keys from your AWS Account and then Create the service connection in Azure DevOps.

Get Access Access keys from AWS

Log in to your AWS Account, from the Profile menu select “My Security Credentials“.

Security Credentials


Once you landed on security credentials keys, Move to the “Access Keys” section. You can use your existing keys if downloaded or generate keys by clicking “Create New Access Key“. Note both the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.


Create a service connection in Azure DevOps

Go to the Project Settings Page in Azure DevOps, and Under the Pipeline section, you will find “Service Connections“. Select it to create “New Service Connection“.

Choose AWS from the list of Connection Type and Click on Next.  In the “New AWS Service Connection” window provide the “Access Key ID” and “Secret Access Key”  , and save it with a connection Name.

New Service Connection Details

Once the Service Connection is created you establish connections with your AWS Resources from Azure DevOps.

AWS Connection

Hope this helps.

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