Command Line C# Interactive Script Execution for Visual Studio

By | January 13, 2016

In the previous post we discussed about Use C# Interactive Window for your coding experiment in Visual Studio 2015 . What about using the similar coding experiment without opening Visual Studio ?  Well, If you don’t want to open Visual Studio and still want to play around with C# code, execute some test code,   or run a script file, you can  the  same C# interactive script engine from the Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt.

To launch the Command Line interactive Script engine first open the “Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt” windows.


Then type CSI to lunch the C# Interactive Complier.


After that, it will be very much similar as you have seen in the previous post.

Here is some of the example to follow :



Of course you won’t get any kind of intellisense over here, but you can save and open existing c# code in a script file and open and run it over here.

Hope this helps !

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