Code Health Indicator – A must have visual studio extensions for all app developers

Code Health Indicator – A must have visual studio extensions for all app developers

CodeLens feature was introduced with  Visual Studio 2013 with early name of ‘Code Information Indicators’ . The main purpose of CodeLens feature is to provide the quick  information about your code. This feature works as quick  visualization tool or indicator just before the methods, properties or classes. It shows information like reference counts ,  applications / web application unit testing status, who made changes , author of the code etc.  The recent release of CodeLens Code Health Indicator provides code maintainable index on the fly in Visual Studio 2015. By knowing, Code Metrics one of the important code quality metrics tool, this extension would really going to help all the app developers.


Download CodeLens Code Health  IndicatorDownload CodeLens Code Health  Indicator


If you are using Visual Studio 2013, then please try this extension

This CodeLens Code Health Indicator gives the current value of the Maintainability Index for the code and it updates automatically  as you change your code.


 Code Maintainable Index is one of the important metrics that indicates how easy to maintain you code ( You can see definition from above notification image as well )   and it’s consists of the factor like Line of Code, Cyclomatic complexity, depth of inheritance, class coupling etc.  Generally as a developer we used Visual Studio Code Metrics Tools to analysis all the results. However with help of this extension you can see the result on the fly.

This is how we calculate the code metrics for methods or code block using code metrics tools.

Visual Studio Code Metrics Tool
Visual Studio Code Metrics Tool

While this tools provides a great in depth results, you need to run this tool manually whenever you need to verify the results during time of development. When it is running on the build server, we run this tool automatically to generates reports.

With the Code Health Indicator extension installed, you can see the result on the fly during coding itself.


Code Health Indicator
Code Health Indicator


This is a great addition to the CodeLens family and would increase lot of developer productivity.

Hope this helps.

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