Changing the XAML Designer UI in Visual Studio

Changing the XAML Designer UI in Visual Studio

Have you even wonder to change the XAML UI designer background?  May be; by applying some color that you like or to be more focused on work, by making a single color background.  By default the background of the XAML UI designer is two color pattern fill; which depends on the theme that you have selected.

Following images shows how the XAML UI designer looks like with Dark and  Blue theme.

XAML UI Designer  Depends on Theme

Now let’s have a look how you can change them.  Open the Options Dialog Window from Tool –> Options menu.

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From the Options dialog control, navigate to “Fonts and Colors” section under the “Environment” category and then select “XAML UI Designer” from the “Show settings for:”  dropdown.

Selecting XAML UI Designer From Option Dialog

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In this section “Artboard Background” item will allow you to change the back ground color of the designer.   Here you can select “Item foreground’’ and “Item background” colors to customize it.  As shown in the below image you can make it a single color.

Single Color Background

Or even for more fun …

Custom Color Artboard

Hope you are going to try this option..

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