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Executing C# Scripts from Command Line or C# Interactive Windows in Visual Studio

By | January 14, 2016

C# Script files is similar like other script files that contain a piece of C# code and can execute and returns the results.  As I said it is only piece of code – you really don’t have to have like a class  or method to get the result. The C# script file (CSX) file is  it’s own container… Read More »

Command Line C# Interactive Script Execution for Visual Studio

By | January 13, 2016

In the previous post we discussed about Use C# Interactive Window for your coding experiment in Visual Studio 2015 . What about using the similar coding experiment without opening Visual Studio ?  Well, If you don’t want to open Visual Studio and still want to play around with C# code, execute some test code,   or run a script… Read More »

Use C# Interactive Window for your coding experiment in Visual Studio 2015

By | January 12, 2016

The Interactive Window in Visual Studio is a great utility to play around the code, language features, API’s and other .NET framework features. It is a REPL  (Read–eval–print loop) that provides us an environment for live coding and evaluate expression or code snippet based on our inputs. The Interactive Window also support features like IntelliSense, syntax highlighting and… Read More »

Did you know – You can play sound when Build Succeeded or Failed in Visual Studio ?

By | January 11, 2016

This is very interesting tip and could be very handy when you are running a long solution build process inside Visual Studio and waiting for it to complete. While you are focusing on something else during the build process, you don’t know when it is succeeded or failed.  So, having a quick buzz when the build Succeeded or failed… Read More »

Using Trace points for performing custom action during debugging in Visual Studio

By | January 11, 2016

Trace Point is nothing but a breakpoint with some actions. When Action is added into a breakpoint, Visual Studio would execute them during debugging. You do also have and option to continue the execution without pausing it or pause it. This is quite helpful when you want to inspect values, object without interrupting the debugging. Incase of breakpoint,… Read More »

Difference between Autos and Locals Window in Visual Studio

By | January 10, 2016

During debugging in Visual Studio most of the time we used Watch Window for inspect code. However we overlooked two additional debugging tools “Autos” and “Locals”  Window. These windows are tremendous helpful in some cases where you want to monitor your scope object during debugging. In this post, lets have a look what is the use of Autos… Read More »

Did you know – In Visual Studio you can copy multiple code blocks together and paste them one by one ?

By | January 7, 2016

Have you ever wonder if you could copy multiple lines of code and past them as and when need. Wouldn’t it improve your development productivity? Just copy multiple code block, and past them as and when need. Well, this is another hidden feature of Visual Studio and either many of us never used it or generally forget about… Read More »