9  Hidden Features of Visual Studio that you should know

9 Hidden Features of Visual Studio that you should know

Visual Studio is a very powerful IDE. Visual Studio also support lots of tooling capabilities to increase the developer productivity. Over the period I have shared several tips and tricks, new features and hidden feature of Visual Studio over here.  When we say it as hidden, they may be exists from the very beginning of Visual Studio;  however it is often overlooked and  many developers are still unaware about those feature. Here is the list of such 9 different post I have shared  in the past; this post just about recalling them and putting them together.

  1. “Appending Search Results”–use same find result window for multiple Search in Visual Studio
  2. Changing the Search Scope to find and replaces external files easily in Visual Studio ?
  3. Persevering and Separating the pinned tabs in Visual Studio
  4. Focus on right section of the solution by Scoping your Solution Explorer in Visual Studio
  5. Speedup your code navigation by Bookmarking your code in Visual Studio
  6. Did you know – In Visual Studio you can copy multiple code blocks together and paste them one by one ?
  7. Keep Track of your active files inside Solution Explorer – A Quick Visual Studio Tip
  8. Use “Run To Cursor” and save time while debugging
  9. How to Place your reusable code into Toolbox in Visual Studio?

Try them out. All of them are going to be very very useful and can also increase your productivity of you work.

There are could be many more such hidden feature and I will keep them sharing  when I come across something interesting.  If You have something interesting to share.. feel free to comments in this post.


Abhijit Jana

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