How to move Azure Resources from one Azure Subscription to another?

By | February 19, 2018

Move Resource from One Subscription to Another Subscription

This post explains how to move Azure resources from one subscription to another subscription using the Azure Portal. This could be a quick ask, in case you want to change your existing Azure subscription, and you want to continue with your existing services. You can accomplish this using PowerShell scripts as well. Let’s explore how azure portal helps us achieving this very quickly.

From the Azure Portal, Select the Resource group you want to move to another subscription. In this case, we select a resource group which is under “Visual Studio Enterprise” subscription.



Then select the “Change” link available next to the Subscription name.

Change Subscription

Change Subscription

This will open a new blade for moving Azure Resources to another subscription. You can see all the list of associated resources under the resource groups.


Move Resource from One Subscription to Another Subscription

Move Resource from One Subscription to Another Subscription


Select the destination subscription and resource group to move these resources.



You can select an existing resource or create a new resource to move. Finally, click on “Ok

The Azure portal will perform validation moving the resources, post that your resources will be moved to the other subscription.


This article Move resources to new resource group or subscription have a complete walkthrough of the various scenarios. It also covers the set of checklists “such as – your source and destination subscription must exist within same Azure AAD Tenant” that needs to be validated before moving Azure Resources.
Not all Azure services are enabled to move between subscriptions, for an example, You can move API Management, Application Insights, Azure Storage resources, whereas you can’t move resources like Application Gateway, Express Route etc. Read the full list of services here

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