How to enable Fastest Rendering for your Holographic Application?

By | January 1, 2018

For any holographic application development, we must optimize several settings for the Unity3D application. One of such option is enabling fastest rendering mode. In mixed reality apps, users can interact with virtual objects like as though they were real objects in real space. To achieve this, it is important to render holograms so they look stable and realistic by enabling fastest rendering. Unity allows us to set the level of graphical quality to render objects which we must set for our holographic application.

Navigate to the Quality Settings inspector from the main menu, Edit –> Project Settings –> Quality

from the Default  section, select the drop-down triangle option under Windows Store, and change it from Fantastic to Fastest.

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Now, we should see “Fastest” option set to be green under the Windows Store. This enables the fastest rendering options and maximizes the performance of your holographic application.

This is very common and easy steps, but if you are new to holographic / Mixed Reality development you may overlook it.

If you are new to holographic development, you may found this helpful, and for detailed article follow my blog posts

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