Picking up New Project Template right from the Start Page in Visual Studio 2017

By | August 16, 2017

Visual Studio 2017 having a reshaped start page. Be it with getting started documents, picking up your recent projects, or evening creating a new project. This has everything to get you started. Creating the new project has an altogether a new section to start up a new project. When you select the “Create new project…” option, you will find the traditional “New Project” dialog window appears and from there you can select the project templates to take it forward. In an additional features, the New project section in start page shows the list of recently used project templates.

New Project Template

New Project Template

Not only that, you can even search for the particular project template from the “search project templates” options.

Searching Project Template

Searching Project Template


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Finally, when you select a project template from the recently used list, or even by searching it, it will open New Project dialog windows with your chooses templated selected over there.

Searched Project Template Selected

Searched Project Template Selected

You can just click on OK, to start creating your project.

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