How To customize “Structure Guide Lines” Colors in Visual Studio 2017 ?

By | July 21, 2017

In Visual Studio 2017   dotted structure guide lines in your code, between the curly braces ({}), helps in identifying the individual blocks easily.  Also, hover over on the lines, it will shows the tooltip with opening of that block and its parents. In the previous post we have seen how to Turning On/Off “Structure Guide Lines” in Visual Studio 2017 .  The Structure Guide Lines in the Visual Studio editor displayed with a light gray color. While this is the default color provided with Visual Studio, you can customize it if you want.

Structure Guide Lines - Colors Customized

Structure Guide Lines – Colors Customized

How to Change it ?

  • Navigate to Tools –> Options
  • Navigate to Fonts and Color under Environment.
  • Select “Text Editor” in the “Show settings for” dropdown.
  • Search for “Structure Guide Lines” from the list of Display items
  • Change the color for item background and click on OK 
Default Settings

Default Settings

Customized Color

Customized Color Settings

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Hope this helps !


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