This Month on Daily .NET Tips

This Month on Daily .NET Tips

January 2014 was quite interesting  for daily .net tips.  In this post I am going to highlight couple of interesting facts and statistics about the site through the month of January. My objective behind this post is to share a quick glance to all of you, on what and how we are doing with this site. In fact I  was supposed to share this post on 31st Jan, however I could not managed to get it through as I was traveling in multiple time zones. From the next month onwards, I will make sure to have this published on right time.

let’s have a look what we have  so far. We have published 20 tips and tricks on several categories mainly related with Visual Studio 2013, Kinect for Windows SDK, C# and .Net. This month we also have some interesting number on overall site visits.

Top 3 most viewed post

#1. Benefit of Using in Dispose for .NET objects (Why and When ?)
#2. 10 Effective Debugging Tips for .NET Developer
#3. String Vs StringBuilder in .NET

Top 3 Most Shared Tips

#1. 10 Effective Debugging Tips for .NET Developer
#2. Benefit of Using in Dispose for .NET objects (Why and When ?)
#3. 5 Very Useful Tips on ASP,NET GridView

Post Show cased @ Channel 9

Dynamically Loading/Unloading Grammar – Kinect Speech Recognition Engine

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Dan Rigby
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Dirk Strauss
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Unique Visitors: Approx. 25000+
Overall Page View : Approx 55000+
Busiest Day :  Jan 28, 2014

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Abhijit runs the Daily .NET Tips. He started this site with a vision to have a single knowledge base of .NET tips and tricks and share post that can quickly help any developers . He is a Former Microsoft ASP.NET MVP, CodeProject MVP, Mentor, Speaker, Author, Technology Evangelist and presently working as a .NET Consultant. He blogs at , you can follow him @AbhijitJana . He is the author of book Kinect for Windows SDK Programming Guide.