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Automatic Tag Update in Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview

By | October 24, 2011

Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview introduced a nice features that helps you to update HTML Start and End tag automatically. In previous version of Visual Studio If you wanted to update any html tags in markup you have had to update both start and end tags manually but, Visual Studio 2011 developer preview automatically update the tag with… Read More »

Page Inspector Developer Preview

By | October 21, 2011

  Page Inspector is a new tool that integrated browser diagnostics tools into Visual Studio . Yes, you can take similar experience  of IE Developer toolbar with in Visual Studio itself. Page Inspector works in Visual Studio with Web Application projects and Web Site projects and helps you  to easily inspect the web pages, Css styling, quickly diagnose… Read More »

Server Side Event Handler Generation From ASP.NET Markup in Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview

By | October 19, 2011

This is really a great addition in Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview for ASP.NET developers. If you are familiar with  WPF and XMAL development in Visual Studio, it should be well known for you, because  preview version of Visual Studio supports  generation of  event handler code from XMAL markup itself.  With Visual Studio 2011 developer preview, creating event… Read More »

Search Toolbox controls in Visual Studio 2011

By | October 17, 2011

Too many controls in Visual Studio Toolbox sometimes create confusion and you need to search through the entire toolbox to find out particular controls. Though controls are categorized with different sections, still sometimes you need to search entire list of control to get the correct one. Visual Studio 2011 enables search with in the tool box to avoid… Read More »

Extract To User Control in Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview

By | October 16, 2011

This is very handy and quick time saving features and a much required during code refactoring. Consider a situation where you have designed some web pages which are quite large or you have realized that it would have been better to put some part of web page in a user control  so that you can use it  in… Read More »

Quick Launch in Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview

By | October 15, 2011

Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview introduces a nice search abilities with in Visual Studio to quick find of different features. This allows users to search common features within the Visual Studio IDE. Visual Studio 2010 Power productivity extension has the similar kind of  features named “Quick Access” .  Visual Studio 2011 developer preview introduced quick launch with additional… Read More »