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Binding in Style Setters – SilverLight 5 Beta

By | April 14, 2011

Silverlight 5  introduces Binding in style Setters. Hence you can use Binding, StaticResource or any markup extension inside the style Setters. Let you have a class that defines your resource based on some custom logic : Now from your style setters you can easily point to the class to get the value of the Thickness. In the code,… Read More »

Implicit DataTemplates for Control in Silverlight 5 Beta

By | April 14, 2011

As this is a new features if Silverlight 5 beta, you need  below prerequisite To try the features You first need to download Visual Studio 2010 (SP 1) if you didn’t have done that already.  After you install Visual studio update you need Silverlight tools for Visual Studio Optionally you can also try Silverlight help tools to get… Read More »

Pixel Scrolling for WPF Lists

By | March 23, 2011

WPF comes with lots of fun and advantages. We can change the look and behavior of a control very easily which would have been very cumbersome when we are in normal winforms applications. WPF has few flexibilities like Superior Binding capabilities, Animation, Transformation, Virtualizations etc. Each of these made the framework richer in all respect. In WPF, ListBox… Read More »

InputBinding for WPF and Silverlight with MVVM

By | March 21, 2011

With the introduction of MVVM pattern and WPF code structure, we have gradually mould ourselves to separate our presentation layer more with the actual Views. In doing so, we have implemented a lots of interfaces, some corresponds to the Command interfaces using ICommand interface which lets you define your object to handle an Button Click event handlers while… Read More »