Specifying Assembly Information in Visual Studio

By | September 15, 2011

Assembly information  provides information about an assembly. This includes  Title, description, version information, Product name,  company name,  Trademark and more. This information are corresponds to the values of the  GAC for that assemblies as well .  We can provide the Assembly information either by Assembly.cs file or Assembly Information Dialog box.

AssemblyInfo.cs file is created automatically when you create an application in Visual Studio and It is located under the folder "Properties" .  This contains general Information about an assembly and that is controlled through the following
set of attributes.

. image

If you wan to modify the Assembly Information, you can directly update the information in this file.


Alternatively you can specify the assembly information from Assembly Information Dialog box as well.   You need to follow below steps to open the Assembly information

1. Select  the project in Solution Explorer> Right Click > Properties > Application Tab

2. Click the Assembly Information buttonimage

3. This will open the Assembly Information dialog box.


You will find the same information, for every field  corresponding to AssemblyInfo.Cs file.  The Updated information will also reflect the AssemblyInfo.Cs.

Hope this helps.

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