How to capture infrared data stream from Kinect Sensor ?

By | September 18, 2013

Kinect IR Capture

Similar like to the color and depth data Kinect SDK also capable of capturing the infrared (IR) data stream. The Kinect sensor returns 16 bits per pixel infrared data with a resolution of 640 x 480 as an color image format, and it supports up to 30 FPS. Following are the couple of images ( taken in a complete dark room) that captures from IR stream data.

IR Camera  

Capturing IR stream data is as simple as capturing a color image stream, as the SDK returns the infrared stream as a part of the color image stream data. The only changes are required on ColorImageFormat and PixelFormats.

First, enable the ColorStream with the image format type of  InfraredResolution640x480Fps30 as shown in below.


You can capture images in low light conditions, by reading the infrared stream from the Kinect sensor. This will also help you to calibrate other camera with the Kinect sensor. 

You cannot read color and infrared streams simultaneously, but you can read depth and infrared data simultaneously. The reason behind this is that an infrared stream is captured as a part of a color image format.

Check out “Get the IR Stream and control the IR Emitter – Kinect for Windows SDK ” for more details on this.

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