Changing Variables Display Format in Watch Window

While debugging in Visual Studio Watch window allows you to view the variables values in Hex Mode. This is very simple features, Just Right Click on Watch window and select Hexadecimal Display.


Once you select “Hexadecimal Display”, you will get the screen similar like below


But, You have noticed that all values has changed to hexadecimal format, but what If, If you want to do it for particular values, not for all. Let’s say, you want to get hex value for variable “b”. Here is the trick, you can use some comma (,) separated format “d” for Integer and “h” hex with in watch window to get the list of values.


From above image you can see, when we have “Hexadecimal display” on, we can still see integer value using “d” with the variable name. Similarly we can get the hex value of any variables with out change the display mode of watch window


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