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Working with SQL databases with Transaction using HTML5

Html 5 has come across with lots of new stuffs, some of them are overwhelming and very interesting in real world. One of such storage APIs that is available with modern browsers are SQL databases on client side. The specifications allows you to open a Database, create tables, maintain relationship, open transactions etc.  These are […]

Common Table Expressions

If you think only .NET languages are the only thing that is getting evolved day by day while SQL Syntaxes remains constant, you might have to think it again. SQL Server is gradually coming with evolution day by day with some alternative syntaxes of writing SQL Statements to make more complex SQL statements easier to […]

Filter Records by RowNumbers in LINQ To SQL

In this tips we are going show how you can filter your data by RowNumbers that you assigned to your record(s). So to filter data in SQL (SQL server-2005) we use RowNumber function and than we use = or BETWEEN to filer data. In above query as you can see ROW_NUMBER() function assign number to […]

LINQ and Nullable Values or SQL ISNULL with LINQ

In this tips I am going to show how you can deal with the Nullable values in LINQ queries and how you can achieve functionality like SQL ISNULL function. Let’s put it as a problem statement I am dealing with the LINQ queries, In which I have to diplay “N/A” were the value is null […]