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Using an InkToolbar with InkCanvas in your Windows Universal Apps

By | August 16, 2016

Universal Windows Platform introduced a InkCanvas (Easy drawing and inking using new InkCanvas Control for Universal Windows App) control to easy drawing and a new Inking API to manage the inking. Binding an InkToolbar to the InkCanvas control will now enhance the capability of this control all together.  You can now have several options for drawing, erasing and… Read More »

How to turn off the frame rate counters for Windows Universal App’s ?

By | October 21, 2015

When running a Windows Universal App’s from the Visual Studio 2015, you may have notice that there are few text (in a format of 000 – 000) getting displayed just below to the title bar of the app’s. Many of you may be wondering what are those text information’s ? What does those mean ? how we can… Read More »

Extending the app’s Title Bar – How to place custom XAML in the Windows Universal app’s Title Bar ?

By | October 20, 2015

In one of our previous post you have learned how to apply custom color to the Title Bar in Windows 10 Universal Apps ?  Here, in this quick tip you let see how we can extend the existing title bar itself  by placing custom XAML content in the app window’s title bar.  There are set of APIs by… Read More »

Improving App’s performance using compile time binding in Universal Windows App.

By | October 19, 2015

Windows 10 Universal Apps has come up with a new binding approach called compile time binding (x:Bind) where the property gets bind to the UIElement during compile time. In previous versions of windows Apps, the binding occurs during the runtime and its completely based on the reflections. This caused the reduction in apps performance. lets see in detail… Read More »

How to create a Calendar View in Universal Windows App.

By | October 17, 2015

CalendarView is a new control that has been introduced in the Universal Windows Apps. This View provides a visual calendar display that the user can use to select a date. This view can be customized by the developers by setting the max and min days to be displayed and black out the days that are not to be… Read More »

Understanding the new features of WebView in Universal Windows App.

By | October 11, 2015

WebView class in Universal Windows Platform has been updated with the new features. The WebView control helps the developers to display the content of an website inside the App. Some of the new events that are introduced in the web view class are highly useful for the developers to provide a better user experience to the users. Lets… Read More »