Interactive Analytics for Application Insights

Analytics is another powerful and new feature of Application Insights that can help you to apply advanced search over collected telemetry data from your application.  The data return by the query could be tabular or a graphical representation and can be understand very easily. This can help us searching for very specific set of data […]

XAML Inspection Toolbar : Inspecting XAML for Live Debugging from the Apps

Visual Studio 2015 introduced many tools for debugging and diagnostic. We have also seen an another excellent feature for inspecting and debugging XAML UI. This feature enable a great capability for developers to Visualize and modify the XAML UI within a running application and review the dynamic the changes.  The tooling is support for XAML […]

“Related Items” in Application Insight Search Window inside Visual Studio

The recent updates of Visual Studio 2015 brings several improvement for Application Insights tool for Visual Studio. One of such improvement is “quickly see all the telemetry events associated with the event”.  Now, in Application Insight Search Window, additional to the event details we have an option called “Related Items”. This tab contains a pre-defined […]