9 Hidden Features of Visual Studio that you should know

Visual Studio is a very powerful IDE. Visual Studio also support lots of tooling capabilities to increase the developer productivity. Over the period I have shared several tips and tricks, new features and hidden feature of Visual Studio over here.  When we say it as hidden, they may be exists from the very beginning of Visual […]

Enabling Live XAML Debugging in Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2015 provides lots of tooling supports for debugging and diagnostic. Previously we discussed about PerfTips – Easiest way to get Performance Information and Debugging Lambda Expression in Visual Studio 2015 . Even we also discussed about debugging live XAML.   Couple of days back I received some queries on live xaml debugging where reader […]

Find Results Vs. Find Symbol Results Window in Visual Studio

You must know that, Visual Studio provides two different types of Find Results Window. While one of them are very commonly used and knows as “Find Results” windows; the other one “Find Symbol Result” is bit hidden or we used it for specifics scenarios. In one hand, the “Find Result” window finds the contextual matched […]

Using Application Insights for your iOS Apps – with Visual Studio 2015

Application Insights helps us to track applications health in real time and let us monitor our application for usage, events and crashes.  This can be used almost every applications. Application Insights support multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Java , Ruby etc.  In this post, lets have a look how to start capturing telemetry information for […]