Back to Basic – Building Solutions in Visual Studio – Build Vs. Rebuild

“Build Solution” and “Rebuild Solution” are the most commonly used features in Visual Studio.  As a developer you writes code, build the solution and run the application in Visual Studio.  Very often you also used “rebuild solution” , or “clean and then build solution”.  Have you ever wonder why there are different options ? When […]

Deep Dive : Automated software testing with Visual Studio

In present day, each one of us wants to use tools which can help us reduce our day to day work without compromising the accuracy and so we look forward to automate our software’s too. Let’s first understand what automation testing is. I love the definition stated in the book ‘Fuzzy Expert Systems for Disease […]

Using Application Insights for your Android App – with Visual Studio 2015

Application Insights helps us to track applications health in real time and let us monitor our application for usage, events and crashes.  Application Insights support multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Java , Rupy etc.  In this post, lets have a look how to start capturing telemetry information for your Android App.

Searching Application Insights Data inside Visual Studio 2015

If you are using the Application Insights, you must be familiar with searching Application Insights data inside Azure Portal.  In this case, whenever you want to search some telemetry data for your application, you must have navigated to Azure Portal, then select the specific Application Insights and then use the search option to find out any […]