Using DOM Explorer to Inspect your Office App in Visual Studio

If you are  building an  “App for Office” using Visual Studio, you may encounter difficulties to inspect the html while the app is hosted on the Office clients.  This make things complex to debug the app, applying/ changing CSS or even changing/inspecting the HTML elements.  While dealing with such web application related issue,  we always looks for a code inspector like “Developer Toolbar” that’s makes
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Setting up your Windows Azure Site during Web Site creation in Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2013 introduced  “Simplified New Project Dialog” control that makes easier to select a project type like ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, Web API, Single Page Application (SPA) etc. The new project selection allows you to select a project type with combination of ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms or even of some other types. Recent update of Visual Studio 2013,
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Localize Your Windows Phone 8 Application : Simplified

If you want to provide multilingual support to your Windows Phone application, you must need to localize your apps, with respect to text along with other cultural entities. While building Windows Phone 8 application, it is quite easier to enable and implement the localization.  In an other way, you can say, the default template describe how to use the localization for
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How to open Browser compatibility mode in IE 11 ?

I have received this question from my previous post ( Identifying the SignalR Transport Medium) , where I have explained how we can check out the different transport medium in different browser versions.  In the example I used Internet Explorer 11, and used the browser compatibility mode to show the same for lower version of browser such as IE 10,
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Identifying the SignalR Transport Medium

ASP.NET SignalR  simplifies the process of implementation of  real-time applications. Though it started with ASP.NET web application, it can be consumed by other .NET Client Application , Windows Phone or even Windows 8 application.  One of the key components of SignalR is Transport Medium, by which it communicate.  Websocket is the first preference!  When there is an availability of WebSocket,
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Applying default styles quickly to your Windows Phone 8 application in Visual Studio

Default templates for Windows Phone application comes with few basic set of resource elements that defines the controls color, size, background etc.  To examine it more closely; you may noticed the  MainPage.Xaml created with the default template has three page level styles defined as static resources.

Deminify the Minified JavaScript Easily in IE 11

To build a fast and responsive web application we minified the  JavaScript files.  In other cases, such as JavaScript plugins, jQuery framework or even on demand code library are minified to be used directly. While this is good for performance,  one of the challenges of working with the minified version of file is,  it becomes really hard to read and debug. Because they are not
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