“Initialize Interactive with Project”– Run Interactive with context to Project–Visual Studio 2015

The Interactive Window in Visual Studio is a great utility to play around the code, language features, API’s and other .NET framework features.  The Interactive Window also support features like IntelliSense, syntax highlighting and navigating through executed commands.  There  are several use cases for this Interactive Window, and several ways to work around it. In […]

Add Using command for misspelled types using"fuzzy" matching – Visual Studio 2015

The Visual Studio 2015 updates 2 brings several improvement.  Among all of them, one of the small but vary handy improvement is “Add Using command” for misspelled types using “fuzzy” matching. In case there is a typo for any predefined types,  Visual Studio search the entire solution, analyze the meta data uses the fuzzy  matching  to suggest the correct type.

Obtaining the App specific HockeyApp API Token

While using HockeyApp , with the help of API Tokens we can control the access rights for a single app or multiple apps. The common API Access token key (All Apps) can be useful for all the apps. But, in case you want to give specific access right such as only upload, or just a […]

Interactive Analytics for Application Insights

Analytics is another powerful and new feature of Application Insights that can help you to apply advanced search over collected telemetry data from your application.  The data return by the query could be tabular or a graphical representation and can be understand very easily. This can help us searching for very specific set of data […]