Where the white spaces are in my code ?– Automatically indicates white spaces in Visual Studio

By | February 10, 2016

This question triggered from the previous post Delete horizontal white spaces from your code in Visual Studio .   There we highlighted all the additional spaces by selecting them through mouse manually. In case you are wondering is there any other way to indicate the whitespaces rather doing manually. The answer is Yes.

Navigate to Edit –> Advanced and Select “View White Space” option.


Once the “View White Space” is enabled; you can can see the app space has changed to “.” as shown on below screen .


Noticed that the “View White Space” is a toggle button, and you can select / deselect it to turn on or off the white space indictor.


Many time you may noticed that some of the developers / team are keeping this “continuously on” just to ensure they all are following same coding style and avoid unnecessary code conflict while merge.

Finally this is not a new feature of Visual Studio, and you may came across earlier as it exist from be very beginning. I thought to share here with context of previous post.

Hope this helps and some of you may found it new and interesting.

Author: Abhijit Jana

Abhijit runs the Daily .NET Tips. He started this site with a vision to have a single knowledge base of .NET tips and tricks and share post that can quickly help any developers . He is a Former Microsoft ASP.NET MVP, CodeProject MVP, Mentor, Speaker, Author, Technology Evangelist and presently working as a .NET Consultant. He blogs at http://abhijitjana.net , you can follow him @AbhijitJana . He is the author of book Kinect for Windows SDK Programming Guide.

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  2. Dmytro Dziuma

    Or use CodeMaid and do not care about whihtespaces:)

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