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Quickly connect Azure Cosmos DB with your applications using Visual Studio Connected Services

By | February 21, 2018

Visual Studio Connected Services for Cosmos DB enables developers to easily connect and integrate with Cosmos DB. We have seen several connected services including Application Insights, Azure Storage and also for Mobile services. Similarly, you can connect Azure Cosmos DB accounts from Visual Studio using the Visual Studio Connected Services for Cosmos DB. Visual Studio Connected Services allows adding… Read More »

Setting up global replication of your Azure Cosmos DB database using the Azure portal

By | February 14, 2018

Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, low-latency, high throughput databases services. Azure Cosmos DB provides global distribution, which means you can scale and distribute it across different Azure regions. Global replication of your Azure Cosmos DB enables you to have your data replicated over as many as datacenter per your need, moreover control and access your replicated… Read More »

Add an Azure Cosmos DB trigger to an existing Azure Function app from Azure Cosmos DB Portal

By | February 9, 2018

Azure Functions let us execute our code in a serverless environment. This does not require create a solution or publish it as Azure Apps. In short, just focus on code and your functional aspect, and don’t need to worry about infrastructure. We can create a function triggered when data is added to or changed in Azure Cosmos DB… Read More »

Working with Azure Cosmos DB using Visual Studio Code

By | February 8, 2018

Azure Cosmos DB extension for Visual Studio Code gives Azure developers set of powerful commands to working with Cosmos DB. With the help of Azure Cosmos DB extension, from Visual Studio Code, you can easily create and delete databases, collections, and view, modify and delete documents. With the help of this extension, you can connect with Cosmos DB… Read More »

Connecting Azure Cosmos DB with Azure Storage Explorer by using Connection String

By | January 25, 2018

In the previous post (Working with Azure Storage Explorer for Azure Cosmos DB ), we have discussed how we can use Azure Storage Explorer to connect and manage Azure Cosmos DB. Apart from connecting with Azure Cosmos DB using Azure Subscription, you can directly connect with Cosmos DB using the connection string. This is an alternative way of… Read More »

Working with Azure Storage Explorer for Azure Cosmos DB

By | January 24, 2018

Azure Storage Explorer is a standalone tool that empowers you to efficiently work with several Azure Storage Services. While working with Azure, using Azure Storage Explorer has been remarkably helpful in all perspective of development, debugging as well as for monitoring. You can connect with your Azure Subscription and then fiddle around with particular storage account associated with… Read More »