Setting up your Windows Azure Site during Web Site creation in Visual Studio 2013

Setting up your Windows Azure Site during Web Site creation in Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2013 introduced  “Simplified New Project Dialog” control that makes easier to select a project type like ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, Web API, Single Page Application (SPA) etc. The new project selection allows you to select a project type with combination of ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms or even of some other types. Recent update of Visual Studio 2013, take this dialog control features in to the next step. Now you can directly configure the Windows Azure publishing settings for a web site from this dialog control itself.

Download the Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC

Start a new instance of, VS 2013 and select File > New > Project, select Web from the installed template as shown below:

New Dialog Control For Web Application

With “.NET Framework 4.5.1” selected, choose the “ASP.NET Web Application” options, by providing the name of the application and location to be stored.

New Dialog Control

From this “New Project Selection” window, you can select what type of project you want to start with. You can select an Empty Web Project,  or even a SPA based application.

Let’s consider you select “MVC”,  Project, and you want to host it on Azure. This option can be selected over here itself.   In the “New Project Selection” dialog, you can find a new “Windows Azure” options.   Where you can select “Web Site” as “Create Remote Resources” option. Once you signed in using your Azure account, in the next step you will allow to provide the details for the site such as Region, DataBase details etc.

Configure Azure Web Site  Configure Azure Web Site - Select Options

Once selected the different configuration settings, click on “Ok”. That’s all, Visual Studio will take care of rest of things.

The “Web Publish Activity” Windows will show you the progress of of configuring site and list out the tasks that has been completed.

Publishing Window

Publishing Window Completed

At this point of time, your web site is ready in Azure with all the configuration, you just need to publish your web site.  In the Solution Explorer, you will find the all the necessary configuration settings and scripts for your web site are automatically downloaded.

Solution Explorer

Now, You can publish the site from “Solution Explorer” or from the “Web Publish Activity” windows.  What else! Open the Azure Portal, and check out your site over there.


So, just few steps in Visual Studio, and create your web site automatically in Windows Azure.

Hope this helps !

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