How to Place your reusable code into Toolbox in Visual Studio?

How to Place your reusable code into Toolbox in Visual Studio?

This is very important and small tips for all VS users. Sometimes we need a small piece of code in many places of our application or in some different application. What we do? We just copy the code from one page and paste it to the destination page.

 Visual Studio having a great feature, that you can place your code snippet inside the toolbox. For that you need to just select the code snippet and drag the selected snippet on to the general Tab.


You can rename the selected snippet, by just right clicking on snippet and click on Rename.

Now, you can use it anywhere in your application or in any VS Application by just drag and drop of the selected snippet.

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Abhijit Jana

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  1. maybe it is a feature but their are some problem

    1. if you store the script in VS PRO and thing to use them in Express you can never.

    2. when the setting change they gone.

    are their any sollution to make backup of them i can get them even i reset settings.

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