Explicitly enable the TFS Source Control Binding for a Solution

Explicitly enable the TFS Source Control Binding for a Solution

Incase you checked-in a new Visual Studio solution in TFS  and facing issue while opening the solution in Visual Studio and/or getting a warning for incorrect binding in TFS – The issue could be with your initial checked-in for the solution itself.  For such error you  won’t see the check-in or check-out or even pending changes option for the files.  This is generally happens if you add the solution in source control but didn’t checked in or pending changes for first time didn’t get in through properly.

I was helping out some one on a similar issue  today.. hence thought to share it over here for others benefit.

In case of such binding issues for initial check-in, you can verify the binding status and can do an explicit binding from the “Change Source Control” option, by navigating from File –> Source Control –> Change Source control.

One you open the “Change Source Control” dialog control there you can see the list of project for the solution along with server binding and connection status


P.S : You can directly landed up to this Change Source control dialog box from after the warning message as well

As the source control didn’t bind properly,  you will find the connection status are unchecked.

Select respective solution / projects and click on Bind to explicitly bind them with source control. With that you will find the corresponding TFS Server name, server binding and the updated connection status.

Once the explicit binding is done for all the projects  click on OK.


In the next step, TFS will ask you for check out the solution and all project files.


Click on the “Check Out” button and then check-in all the pending changes files (including project files, code …) . That’s it.

Then you should be able to open the solution in TFS properly and all the binding would be enable.

Hope this helps !

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