Did you know – that you can get code samples from the Visual Studio itself ?

By | January 6, 2016

As a beginner developer to start anything new, we always look after some sample application for references. Samples are the getting started things for all developers. While we do lot of search over internet and try to find out application, demo project and references documentation as per our need; sometime we missed or forgot about easiest option to get those samples. What about getting them through Visual Studio itself.  Yes, you can get them through, just by navigate from Helps –> SamplesThis is one of those hidden feature of Visual Studio, that is always been there  from beginning but either many of us never used it or generally forget about it.

So, just navigate to  Help –> Samples  from the main menu bar.


This will launch the New Project Dialog window with the list of Samples available either for C#, C++ or Java Script etc.


From here you can create a new solution,from the existing downloaded application and use it as reference.

In case you are searching for anything specific technology you can use the “Search Online Samples” options as show in below by using search for “Universal Windows Apps” samples.


Isn’t it cool and easy to get them through !!

These are actually sample from Developer Code Samples which we are getting inside the Visual Studio.


In general we navigate to the developer code sample site and  search for the sample application;  Hope going forward you will use this feature for searching any samples… of course, if not using it already!

Hope this helps !

3 thoughts on “Did you know – that you can get code samples from the Visual Studio itself ?

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  2. Bhagawat

    Cool…i didn’t know this feature in vs. Thanks

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