Did you know – Pinned tabs never hide in visual Studio ?

By | January 24, 2016

We often used Pinned Tabs features to pinned the frequently used files in editor windows and access them quickly.  Recently I have shared couple of tips that’s talks about Persevering and Separating the pinned tabs in Visual Studio and drag & drop multiple tabs or even pin / unpin them together in Visual Studio ? . Here is another hidden fact of Pinned Tabs, that it never hide from the code view port.  There is a difference between pinned and unpinned tabs with respect to how they hides in case of too many open tabs.

When there are multiple documents open in the code editor, you can access them through each tabs. When there many open tabs, it is obvious there could be a space constraints in the view port area of code area.

In that case we need to access rest of the documents from drop down next to it as shown in screen shot below.


Now, our objective of having pinned tab is to access them easily.  When we have multiple pinned tabs and having  limited space as shown in above screen shot, we may face the same problem like we seen for unpinned tabs.

Really ? of course NOT ! Visual Studio handles it very smartly.

Though you can access all of them from side drop menu, all the pinned item would be start splitting up atomically in multiple rows to avoid hiding.


If you play around the code editor size you should be able to realize how the rows for pinned tabs getting adjusted based on the available areas in view port.



This works irrespective of “separate rows” (Persevering and Separating the pinned tabs in Visual Studio) settings enable or disable.  It’s adjust dynamically.

Hope this helps !

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