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The String Intern Pool

By | February 12, 2012

String forms a large part of a program. Irrespective of what the program is used for, almost 70% of the actual program code (approx) is generally formed by strings. As we all know .NET strings are immutable. Producing large number of string constants inside a program or assigning same string to more than one objects can eat up… Read More »

Refactoring Code Rename Members using Visual Studio

By | January 7, 2012

As I have been discussing about Refactor menu yesterday, Visual Studio comes up with really nice features on Refactoring code using the refactor menu options. In this post I will cover how to Rename your code using Refactor “Rename” menu option. Let us suppose we have a member in our code called FetchMember, and we need to rename… Read More »

How to use Application Bar in windows 8

By | November 29, 2011

Application bar is one of the interesting feature for any Metro style applications. Application bar allows you to define standard set of options that your application needs to use at certain context. Metro style applications are generally very clean and does not have any visual portion sharing between toolbars or application options. The app bar is the options… Read More »