Changing ASP.NET Menu Control Image Pop-Out

By | January 28, 2011

ASP.NET Menu control by default shows an “Arrow” as Pop Out  Symbol.  This images sometimes may not match with your web pages or you may want to changes the default arrow. To Change the pop-out images in ASP.NET Menu control you have to use StaticPopOutImageUrl and DynamicPopOutImageUrl properties. So, based on the images that you provided with static… Read More »

Displaying Custom Messages / Images with NULL Value in ASP.NET GridView

By | January 27, 2011

When we  bind some data source with GridView which contains some fields with NULL value,  ASP.NET renders them as Blank. Sometimes developers use GridView_RowDataBound() to override the NULL value with proper message. But Instead of overriding the value, we can use NullDisplayText to display proper message when the value for that particular field is NULL . Once we… Read More »

ASP.NET Validation Control with Images Notification

By | January 26, 2011

Most of the time we used simple text messages for error notifications when ASP.NET validator  control fails the validation. But the interesting things with ASP.NET validation controls is instead of simple text we can display images as error notification. Not only images we can embed sounds or we can display some html format text as well. To achieve… Read More »

How to suppress compiler warning using #pragma warning directives in Visual Studio ?

By | January 24, 2011

Sometimes during development you may need to avoid the unnecessary compiler warnings to show in warning window. Though it’s not recommended to suppress the warning explicitly, but during some debugging and analysis of code you may want to hide them for time being. In this post I have explained how you can hide the unwanted warning explicitly by… Read More »

How to expand specific Tree View Node programmatically in ASP.NET ?

By | January 23, 2011

ASP.NET TreeView control is a server side control for displaying data in a hierarchical formats. TreeView  contains multiple nodes and sub nodes. Many times we bind a large number of data with tree view for users to navigate data, pages, or displaying any other details information. If there are many nodes and sub nodes in TreeView, sometime  it’s… Read More »

Display custom messages or images when there is no records in GridView Data Source

By | January 22, 2011

This is a very frequent requirements to display Custom Messages or Images when there is no records in Grid View. I found people used custom code to achieve this. But ASP.NET Gridview having some inbuilt features to do the same.   You can use EmptyDataTemplate using GridView to display any custom message or Images or even web controls to… Read More »

How to Use ASP.NET “Property Pages” to create or host a Silverlight application in ASP.NET Site ?

By | January 21, 2011

While creating a Silverlight application in Visual Studio 2010, after providing the application name, IDE asked for whether you want to host the Silverlight application in a new ASP.NET web site or not. If you select the “Ok” button , Visual Studio will create a ASP.NET Site to host the corresponding Silverlight Application. So whenever you will run… Read More »