Using DebuggerStepThrough attributes to stepped over code during debugging

By | February 1, 2011

By Marking a piece of code using DebuggerStepThrough attribute tells the Visual Studio debugger that, the code block will be stepped over from debugging process. you can mark methods, properties with DebuggerStepThrough attributes where you don’t want to stop your code to break. If there is any break point inside a code section which is marked as “DebuggerStepThrough”… Read More »

Hide Methods from debugger Using DebuggerHidden attribute

By | January 31, 2011

DubuggerHidden attribute tells the Visual Studio debugger that the method is hidden from the debugging process and while debugging. This is quite helpful when you don’t want to go to stepping inside of a method while debugging. When you mark a method with DebuggerHidden() attributes, It’s explicitly tells the debugger not to step inside of that methods and… Read More »

How to pass multiple values using GridView HyperLinkField ?

By | January 29, 2011

While working with GridView in ASP.NET, most of the time we used HyperlinkField column to navigate from one page to different page with some value as argument. In this blog post I have explained how can we pass multiple parameter with HyperLinkField in GridView. To implement this features you need to know about DataNavigationUrlField and DataNavigateUrlFormatString properties of… Read More »

Changing ASP.NET Menu Control Image Pop-Out

By | January 28, 2011

ASP.NET Menu control by default shows an “Arrow” as Pop Out  Symbol.  This images sometimes may not match with your web pages or you may want to changes the default arrow. To Change the pop-out images in ASP.NET Menu control you have to use StaticPopOutImageUrl and DynamicPopOutImageUrl properties. So, based on the images that you provided with static… Read More »

Displaying Custom Messages / Images with NULL Value in ASP.NET GridView

By | January 27, 2011

When we  bind some data source with GridView which contains some fields with NULL value,  ASP.NET renders them as Blank. Sometimes developers use GridView_RowDataBound() to override the NULL value with proper message. But Instead of overriding the value, we can use NullDisplayText to display proper message when the value for that particular field is NULL . Once we… Read More »

ASP.NET Validation Control with Images Notification

By | January 26, 2011

Most of the time we used simple text messages for error notifications when ASP.NET validator  control fails the validation. But the interesting things with ASP.NET validation controls is instead of simple text we can display images as error notification. Not only images we can embed sounds or we can display some html format text as well. To achieve… Read More »