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How to Play Audio using MediaPlayer using Xamarin in Visual Studio

In the previous post (Audio Recording using MediaRecorder using Xamarin in Visual Studio),  we have seen how to record an audio. In this post we are going to see how to play audio using Xamarin. The Simplest way to play audio in android is using the inbuilt MediaPlayer class. Lets create the User interface for the App. Add a button in the Main.axml file,… Read More »

How To Start Building Android App using Xamarin in Visual Studio 2013 ?

Xamarin is a cross platform mobile application development with C# as shared codebase, developers can create  native iOS, Android, and Windows apps using Xamarin tools. In this blog we will see how to write a simple Andriod Application using Xamarin in Visual Studio 2013. Before start building your application, you need to install Xamarin.Android in your development machine.