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Create IntelliTest in Visual Studio 2015 – another way of start writing Smart Unit Test

IntelliTest helps us to generates Unit Test automatically that give maximum of code coverage.  In one of our previous post – Write Unit Test Automatically using IntelliTest in Visual Studio 2015 , we have learned about IntelliTest, how to use it and how it help to increase the code coverage with a very minimum effort. […]

Understanding Code Coverage – How to determine which portion of code is being tested in Visual Studio ?

Understanding and maintaining the code coverage is one of the most important aspect of writing unit tests and ensures the code quality with respect to functional points . Once you write the Unit tests in Visual Studio and manage them using Test Explorer, the next immediate job for you would be understand what code you […]

Check the Unit Test Status Easily and Effectively – Test Status Indicator in Visual Studio 2013 Preview

In the previous tip you have seen how the code reference indicator help us to find the code reference easily. Visual Studio 2013 enables the similar features for Unit Tests as well.  Test Case Indicator ( Part of Code Information Indicator), indicates the status of the unit test with actual methods as well as in […]